Reimagining Communications Podcast: Using Personalized Video to Improve Experiences

Reimagining Communications Podcast: Using Personalized Video to Improve Experiences

BlueRush CEO, Steve Taylor and Kevin Darlington, General Manager of Broadridge Advisor Solutions,  joined Matt Swain on the ‘Reimagining Communications Podcast’ to explore how personalized videos can improve customer engagement in the financial advisor space.

On the podcast Episode 56: “Using Personalized Video to Improve Experiences”, they discussed shifting communication preferences and key market trends, including that customers are showing interest in receiving short, relevant, informational, personalized videos from the companies they do business with. Broadridge was able to support this with their own research that shows:

Consumers want to engage less with long-form heavy, dense text copy and a short video is able to engage people more to optimize every part of the buyer journey.

Broadridge shares the reasons they decided to bring BlueRush IndiVideo into their Broadridge Advisor Solutions, including when they realized they needed the expertise of a trusted advisor with great experience to help them evolve to meet consumer expectations.

Listen to the podcast here to find out more about this exciting partnership and how it will benefit wealth managers in the finance industry.


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