Rethink your strategy from the ground up

Great results begin with great thinking

At BlueRush, we take a strategic approach to every project, to ensure we deliver the right solutions, flawlessly executed, to capture the response you want from your audiences. And we’re with you every step of the way, operating in partnership with your marketing and digital teams.


Mapping the landscape

Your project kicks off with thorough research to help us understand your business, your customers, and your competitors. We conduct interviews, user testing and competitive reviews, create user personas and develop journey maps to identify strengths and pain points.
This in-depth understanding fuels our ability to recommend a digital engagement solution that achieves your business goals.

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Planning intelligent campaign design

We develop a strategic plan that incorporates the intelligence we’ve gathered into a digital engagement experience that delivers on your business goals, whether that means generating leads, converting site visitors into customers, or retaining customers and transforming them into loyal brand advocates. Our strategy considers which KPIs can best measure the success of your project and builds them into the digital solution.

UX/UI Design

Designing an irresistible experience

Working closely with your brand and digital teams, our User Experience (UX) experts design digital solutions that are attractive, intuitive and engaging – so your audiences are propelled to take the action you want them to take.
Their insights into best practices inform every aspect of your project, from building the architecture, to designing the User Interface (UI), to writing clear, concise, actionable copy – all of which result in great campaign results and an impressive ROI.

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Learning continuously from results

Our involvement with your brand doesn’t end at deployment. Through ongoing check-ins, and follow-up reporting for the projects we host, we consider how customer interactions are evolving and apply these insights to our continuous improvement process, enabling us to adjust the experience to win ever-greater results.

How can we help you increase digital engagement?

Personalized Video

Transform ordinary data into compelling videos that motivate your customers or clients to take the desired action. No video production experience required.

Digital Experiences

Turn lacklustre campaigns and websites into sizzling marketing tools that increase conversion rates and boost ROI. Our marketing experts know how.

Strategy and Consulting

Revitalize your digital presence into a CX powerhouse. With our expertise in industry best practices, competitive review insights and technical wizardry, we’ll make it happen.

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