Create engaging experiences with personalized video

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Engage with any audience at any touchpoint

IndiVideo by BlueRush is an industry-leading video platform that transforms digital engagement through data-driven personalized, interactive video. Our secure and fully scalable solution is a robust video creation and hosting environment that empowers organizations to communicate with any audience across multiple touchpoints and channels as they progress through digital journeys.

Full Serve

Best-in-class videos custom-built for you

Our full-service IndiVideo option delivers expertly crafted videos specifically designed to achieve your business goals.

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Video Strategy
Harness the power of effective video strategies with our team’s guidance. We align these strategies with your digital journeys, ensuring optimal engagement and outcomes.
Creative Production
Visual design takes center stage in our Creative Production services, which encompass iconography, illustrations, infographics, dynamic animation, narration and scripting.
Data Integration
Bring it all together and directly address your audience by injecting data into your video. With options like using a CRM data connector, uploading data files or using real-time data injection, we can adapt to your needs.
Self Serve

Take video production into your own hands

IndiVideo’s self-service capability enables every organization to create personalized videos with no special equipment or prior video experience required.

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Self Recording
Include a self-recorded message to introduce your video, or narrate the entire video yourself, without any special equipment or extensions.
Template Libraries
Fast-track your video recording by choosing from hundreds of templates and quickly customize with your corporate branding.
AI-Powered Video
From text to video in a flash, build a personalized video in less than 90 seconds.
Build A Video

Build your own personalized video

Within seconds, witness the magic of IndiVideo as you create your own personalized video.

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Choose the most secure and scalable interactive video solution

The IndiVideo platform is loaded with the features most desired by marketers, sales teams and techies alike.


Leverage existing customer data to craft a personalized experience for every viewer, tailored to your company’s branding.


IndiVideo facilitates engagement through interactive video elements, including form fills, input boxes, calls to action and buttons.


IndiVideo is designed to be compatible with various software solutions, including HubSpot, facilitating scalability of your video marketing.


Gain insights into performance with real-time analytics, enabling you to achieve KPIs and conversion metrics on a consistent basis.
Our Partners

Become a partner and unleash the power of the most innovative video solution in the world

At BlueRush, we also partner with companies and agencies around the world to create or re-sell our IndiVideo platform services. If you’re interested in harnessing the power of data-driven video to get results for your clients, talk to us about an IndiVideo partner license agreement.

How can we help you increase digital engagement?

Personalized Video

Transform ordinary data into compelling videos that motivate your customers, clients or prospects to take the desired action. No video production experience required.

Digital Experiences

Turn lacklustre campaigns and websites into sizzling digital solutions that increase conversion rates and boost ROI. Our marketing experts know how.

Strategy & Consulting

Revitalize your digital presence into a CX powerhouse. With our expertise in industry best practices, competitive review insights and technical wizardry, we’ll make it happen.