IndiVideo™ Service Level Agreement


Except as otherwise modified or defined herein, all capitalized terms in this IndiVideo Service Level Agreement have the same meanings as set forth in the General Terms and Conditions and the applicable Product Exhibit (collectively, “Agreement”).

Service Description and Host Provider

The IndiVideoTM Service, will be provided twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week in accordance with the Service Levels set out below.

The Customer acknowledges that the IndiVideoTM  Service is hosted on the Microsoft Azure Platform and is subject to the terms and conditions of Microsoft for the Third-Party Services, found at:

Service Levels

Automatic Updates: Automatic updates to the Service shall occur periodically on the third Wednesday of each month between 22:00pm and 2:00pm EST and will result in a planned outage of the Service of less than 5 minutes. Notification of Automatic Updates will not be provided to Customer.

Planned Service Outages: Customer will be provided with no less than twenty-four (24) hours advanced notice for Planned Service Outages not inclusive of Automatic Updates. All Planned Service Outages shall occur between 9:00pm and 2:00am EST. Customer will be provided with at least forty-eight (48) hours advanced notice for Planned Service Outages occurring outside of this timeframe.

Un-Planned Service Outages: When the Service Outage will exceed five (5) minutes, BlueRush will give as much prior notice as possible for the Un-Planned Service Outage including emergency or critical issues.

Service Uptime: Outside of Planned Service Outages and Automatic Updates, the Service shall have an availability of ninety-nine point five percent (99.5%) in an annual billing cycle.

Support Services

Contact and Response Times: Only Customers who have paid for the applicable Service may contact the Support desk. Customer’s designated and named representatives may contact BlueRush Monday-Friday (excluding statutory holidays) between the hours of 9am and 5pm Eastern Time via any of the following:

Technical Response Times: BlueRush will provide a technical response to a service request received from the Customer. The time allocated to delivery of the technical responses shall be measured from the time of receipt of the relevant service request by BlueRush during Support Hours. On receipt of the service request, the service request will be assigned a “Category” where the Category is a measure of the severity of the situation.

Service Limits

BlueRush will not be responsible for:

  • Responding to requests for assistance for anyone other than Customer’s named and designated representatives.
  • Supporting any third-party software or services.

Exclusions: Neither Customer nor Reseller shall have any remedies under this SLA to the extent any SLA claim is due to:

  • Use of the Service outside the scope described in the Agreement.
  • Customer equipment, modifications of the Service made by any party other than BlueRush and/or third-party software or services.
  • Hardware or network infrastructure outside of BlueRush’s data center and not under the direct control of BlueRush.
  • Failure of Customer and/or Reseller to meet the configuration requirements for Customer equipment set forth in the Documentation.
  • A force majeure event.